The Roast of Vegetables on Sunday.

We came across this very original comedy event happening at Union Hall this Sunday, March 25th, and could not resist spreading the word. Quality comedy shows are something you can’t find in many other cities and we have plenty here in New York so it’s nice to take advantage of going out and watching the many talented funny folks that perform for us! Let us also note that in this particular show more than half of the comedians featured are women! Yes! So what is “The Roast of Vegetables”? You may have already guessed but if not it’s explained below.

Vegetables. They’ve had a great run, and it’s time to send them off the only way we know how: with a roast! Roastmaster Zach Zimmerman brings together NYC’s funniest take on your favorite and least favorite veggies. (Get it? ROASTED vegetables. We’re hilarious. It’ll be fun. Donald Trump is still President.)

Click here for tickets or more info.

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