RISE NYC’s free resiliency technology for businesses registration deadline today.

Today is the last day to sign up for this RISE NYC program that will choose from small businesses that apply and were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Those chosen will receive free resiliency technology for their business.  More about this below.

RISE : NYC is a $30 million competition to identify new and innovative resiliency technologies and install them at NYC small businesses that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Small businesses can sign up now through July 11th to be express their interest in serving as project sites.

We are pleased to announce the technology finalists for the competition!  RISE : NYC finalists represent a highly competitive group of some of the most creative and innovative technologies from around the world. We are extremely impressed by the quality and diversity of their resiliency technologies, as well as their commitment to helping New York City small businesses prepare for future storms, sea level rise and other effects of climate change.

Please visit the finalists page on our website to learn more about the technologies that are in the running.  Small businesses that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy and are interested in participating as a RISE: NYC project site to receive a free technology, can register their interest through the

RISE : NYC adopt a technology page. Registration ends July 11th!

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