Home Renovations: Part 5

Things are looking up!  We have three weeks until move in time, actually less but three work weeks I guess.  As you can see the cabinets are in! The kitchen floors are done! The tub is in and the bathroom is starting to look bathroom-esque.  With all the frustrations we’ve had, we’re actually very pleased with how it’s turning out and our contractor and his guys are working hard and and fast.  And the best news is that the complaint is now “resolved” on the DOB website!  Apparently the apartment number wasn’t on the complaint so they came to the building looked around and left.

So, what we’re hoping will happen this week is that the bathroom will start to come together a bit more.  They are waterproofing today and that needs 48 hours to dry so we’re not sure what they’ll be able to do after that.  Painting may happen.  We have to start picking out paints.  The granite guy came and did measurements and the countertops will be installed either the end of this week or next week.  We’re still not sure that they’ll be finished in three weeks but we’re really really hoping.  Enjoy the pics!

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