Ringing in the New Year Tonight!

Everyone has their own style for ringing in the new year. Some party hard among crowds of people celebrating, others like to keep it relaxed and go somewhere local and less crowded for food and drinks, while others prefer to take part in more unique activities like a bike ride or mediation. No matter what your taste, New York has something for you.

This Thrillest list is filled with big parties, which can definitely be expensive but you only celebrate the coming of 2019 once, but it also spotlight’s some smaller affairs around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Many of us in Brooklyn decide to stay put in our borough rather than braving the hoards of the city and craziness of public transit on this particular evening. A great guide for a wide variety of things to do in all of the different neighborhoods of Brooklyn comes to us via The Patch. One of the main activities on this list is the Prospect Park fireworks. Weather isn’t looking so hot for this one but for those who decide to chance it a spotlight on this event is here.

Enjoy your evening everyone and stay safe!!

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