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Restoration Brewing in Crown Heights by Arthur Mallett

Plans are underway to restore the main building of the Nassau Brewing Company at 945 Bergen Street in Crown Heights.  The facility served as a brewery beginning in 1849.  It’s unique structure allowed for a gravity cooling system, utilizing ice harvested from the Arctic region. The once thriving brewery gave way to local competition in 1914 and the H.J. Heinz company took over the space for a time, producing canned goods. Since then the buildings have served a variety of uses. By the end of the 20th century, they were in disrepair and mostly vacant.

In 2001, Sue Boyle and Benton Brown bought the entire complex, split up the lots and sold several of them to investors. At 1040 Dean Street, a new luxury building is near completion.  The development, also known by it’s around-the-corner address 608 Franklin Avenue, has a fitness center, rooftop terrace, and parking garage.  Using the popular 80/20 model, 24 of the building’s 120 units will be designated for affordable housing. The 945 Bergen site is being restored by Crow Hill Development as a mixed used complex. There will be retail stores at the ground level, and residential units on the upper floors.  The developers will be taking advantage of incentives based on the building’s historic status, meaning the construction must adhere to strict guidelines.  They will even be restoring the original “Nassau Brewing Co.” signage painted directly on the brick of the exterior walls.  Read more about the project on Brownstoner.

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