Residency Unlimited Event-Meet Over Lunch: Adam Yokell, Foundwork

We partnered up with local non profit Residency Unlimited at the end of last year and are happy to spread the word whenever they have an event. They recently performed and exhibited work at our Van Brunt office. You can see photos and a video from opening night here. This upcoming event, which is free and open to the public, will take place at 360 Court Street this Thursday, February 21st at 1pm. Read more on their website and below!

Adam Yokell, the Founder of Foundwork, a new connective platform and resource for artists and collaborators, will introduce the Foundwork project in the context of system-wide factors that influence the dynamics between artists and professional collaborators across the larger art community. Adam decided to develop Foundwork based on his experience running a gallery in Brooklyn and working with artists from the US and abroad, and this presentation will be collaborative in nature, in that feedback and discussion will be sought from guests in terms of their own experience promoting their practices and seeking collaborators—and in terms of what they would like to see in an online resource dedicated to facilitating productive visibility for artists and connectivity between them and collaborators. All artists in attendance will be welcome to create a complimentary guest profile on the Foundwork platform should that be of interest to them.

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