Red Hook Labs Expands to Pioneer Street.

If you have ever driven, walked, or ridden a bike down Imlay Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn, you may have noticed an interesting enclave of artists humming and fluttering about; creating, hammering, spray painting, sewing, photographing, etc.  You may have wondered what it was they were doing and if you were maybe missing out on some new underground cultural scene in the neighborhood.  If this is the case, then you are not the only one. Let us introduce you to the source of all this buzz. Red Hook Labs is, according to their website, a Public Benefit Corporation that is “dedicated to creative communities and self-sustaining businesses in developing areas”.  In addition to organizing creative & artistic classes for the general public, Red Hook Labs also holds exhibitions and events, the most recently being an international photography exchange program with high-school students in Amsterdam Noord.

Until recently, Red Hook Labs has called two buildings on Imlay Street home (approximately 1100 SF), but they just recently added the rehabilitated 625 sqft gallery space at 138 Pioneer Street to their garrison, for use as their official office headquarters. Pictures of the new space are above and below.  This new studio will free up needed space in their Imlay Street home, in addition to giving people direct walk in access to Red Hook Labs.
We here are Realty Collective are happy to have helped them with this move! Our agent, Maryam Daghmoumi who helped facilitate this lease has also brought in other Red Hook business staples like Tribe  Bicycle and Anna Gratia. We’d like to wish Red Hook Labs congratulations and the best of luck on their expansion!

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