RealTours: A Day in South Slope

Park Slope is a sprawling neighborhood and years ago people began calling the south end of the area, which could also have been considered Greenwood Heights, South Slope.  It a bit quieter than the north end and a bit more affordable.  It is just as gorgeous, though, with brownstones and tree-lined streets. Here is our perfect day in this neighborhood.

Morning: First we’d head over to Roots Cafe for a coffee and light bite. This place, on 5th Avenue near 18th Street, is a local favorite.  They serve Forty Weight Coffee, seasonal specials such as malted hot chocolate, and breakfast sandwiches or lunch items.

Lunch/Drink: Our pick for lunch, or just to drop in for one of their many craft and imported beers on draft, is without hesitation The Double Windsor.  This would also be a great pick for dinner or hanging out until the wee hours at night.  Nice ambiance, nice folks and the best burger in Park Slope! They open later in the day on Mon-Thursday but are open by noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Afternoon Activity: Besides being very close to the entrance of Prospect Park, there arent’ a lot of activites, asides from shopping, in this area. But very soon (Winter 2018) Nitehawk Cinema will be opening up! You better believe we’ll be visiting this spot often!

Dinner: Our favorite dinner spot is Talde on 7th Avenue.  It’s Asian-American and we haven’t had anything on their menu that did make our taste buds dance with joy. Many other Park Slopers must agree because there is usually a wait to be seated.  If it’s a Friday or Saturday night make sure you go early and expect to have a cocktail or two before you get a table.



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