RealTours: A Day in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is on the southeast side of Prospect Park and has been on our radar for a while now as one of the up-and-coming hot spots in Brooklyn. It’s got a lot going on already with many folks and businesses from more expensive neighborhoods moving to this more affordable parkside area. Here would be our perfect weekend day in this hood.

  • We would start our day at Waynie’s Waffles, where they serve the most delicious waffles of all different flavors with a variety toppings.  Only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-5pm, this is a favorite local spot.
  • After a full belly we head over the the park of course, which is this neighborhood’s biggest attraction. Lakeside at Le Frak center is just beyond the entrance on this side of the park so ice skating is our winter activity today!
  • Our favorite early evening spot would be Erv’s On Beekman. This bar serves up great cocktails, has an extensive beer list, nice folks, chill atmosphere and when you have had a couple of drinks and start getting hungry they have a kitchen in the corner of the space that serves Vietnamese food.
  • This is the part where we’d talk about our favorite hidden gem in the neighborhood but we feel like the whole area is a bit of a hidden gem. If you haven’t visited Prospect Lefferts Gardens yet, go check it out and use this guide!
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