RealTours: A Day in Gravesend with Mary Gaglio

RC’s Mary Gaglio is a longtime Brooklyn resident, and self proclaimed Yankees, Rangers, and Giants fan (she wanted us to throw that in.  What can we say-the woman loves her New York teams).  Mary resides in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Here is her typical weekend day in her hood.

Brunch- I like to go to Del’rio on a weekend morning.  It’s your typical New York diner. I usually get french toast or waffles.  I have a sweet tooth.

Daytime Activity- Living in Gravesend is convenient because my family is here.  I’ll go visit my mother usually on the weekend.

Dinner- A favorite neighborhood restaurant is La Casa Bella.  Delicious Italian food!  I can’t even pick a favorite entree because everything they serve is so good.  They were recently featured on channel 7’s “Neighborhood Eats”.

Hidden Gem- There’s a tiny coffee shop that hasn’t been open too long on King’s Highway.  They have really good coffee.

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