RealTours: A Day in Crown Heights with Arthur Mallett

Crown Heights is home to a diverse array of restaurants, shops, and people.  Arthur Mallett calls the neighborhood home and would like to share his favorite spots in and around his hood to those who may not be familiar with the area. 

Morning: My favorite morning spot is Outpost Cafe on Fulton Street. The friendly staff and it has a bohemian vibe that’s kept me coming back for years. Besides great coffee they have fresh juices, chili bowls and wine and beer in the evenings. Also, it’s conveniently located down the block from our Grand Avenue office.

Brunch: Although it’s little out of the way for me, Fritzl’s Lunch Box in Bushwick serves one of the best burgers I’ve had in New York. The sesame-forward bun and pickle relish are a treat. However, despite their name, they recently scaled back their lunch service to just weekends.

Daytime Activity: I love that Crown Heights is so close to Prospect Park and the Botanic Gardens. You can’t beat the Botanic Gardens in the spring.  I also like to venture outside my hood to other natural settings during nice weather.  Greenwood Cemetery is a great place to spend an afternoon. The gates and mausoleums showcase an array of amazing stonework. Battle Hill provides a view of the harbor and a quiet respite from the noise of the city. The cemetery is also home to some incredible trees and a colony of Quaker parrots.

Dinner: One of the best places I’ve eaten in the neighborhood is “The Islands”, a hole-in-the wall Caribbean restaurant that serves slow cooked meats, seafood and vegetarian dishes. There is a tiny seating area up a flight of steep metal stairs, so it’s best to come on a slow night, but if you do get a table you will feel like you are having a home-cooked meal. BYOB.

After Dark: Butter and Scotch on Franklin Ave. Great spot for tasty cocktails and pie.

Hidden Gem: Israel’s record store on Fulton St. It’s located down a set of bulkhead stairs and though it’s easy to miss, you’ll know it by the tunes being broadcast and a knight figurine holding a “RECORDS” sign. The shop owner is very friendly and has a great selection in a variety of genres.

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