Photos from the Fun Run.

There was a huge turnout for the Brooklyn public school fundraiser, the Fun Run. Parents and families raised over $20,000 to be split amongst their PTAs. Even thought the forecast called for rain, folks came out to run walk, bike and scoot the entire circle of Prospect Park Saturday morning and we were there also taking photos and helping raise money for our local schools. We’ve included some of the picture we took above and below. It did end up raining on all of us while we ran but people seemed to welcome it after a mile or so of strenuous exercise. And the kids had a great time running and scooting through the puddles!

Beforehand local politicians got up on stage to welcome everyone and say a little something. Brad Lander was the first to get up and Cynthia Nixon (see gallery photos below) was there and spoke at the end. Read here about Ms. Nixon’s views and plans on education. It was really exciting!

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