Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge Signage.

The space at 196 Smith Street has been a foodie paradise in the past, with former tenants Char 4 doling out delicious dishes, and it will continue on that path with Phil and Anne’s Goodtime Lounge.  TV Chef Anne Burrell and Phil Casaceli plan a fall opening for the restaurant and we see that may be early fall!  Signage is up!  What’s on the menu?  “Italian-influenced Mediterranean food, including roasted cauliflower steak with bacon, braised chicken with mushrooms and almond puree, and bucatini all’amatriciana. The 85 seats in the house will get a view of the kitchen, and everything on the menu will be ‘appetizer-sized’ for sharing, though the team explicitly notes that the dishes will not be ‘small plates’. ” We are super psyched to try this place but fear some pretty long lines when it first opens.  We’ll definitely be sharing our feedback, if we can get in!

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