Our favorite restaurants in the hood with no crowds, no wait.


We have a lot of delicious restaurants in the area.  Frankies 457, Buttermilk Channel, Battersby.  Mmmm to all of those.  Unfortunately for those who don’t want to wait for a table during prime times, weekend nights and Sunday brunch, these places may not be an option.  You don’t have to sacrifice good food though.  Below ifs a list of 5 restaurants in the neighborhood that have delicious food but without the crowd.

1. Vekslers- This place is still relatively new and it’s not on a main drag.  It’s at Hicks and Degraw.  The food is really yummy and, although it’s a small space, we’ve never had trouble getting a table right away.

2. Mooburger- This place is great for kids.  It has a lot of tables, good food, and, although a bit busier than some of the others on the list it usually has no wait at all.

3. Karloff-  We don’t know why this place isn’t packed honestly.  The food is consistently good.  One of the best burgers in the hood.

4. Red Hook Lobster Pound- This place is definitely popular but the seating area is so large that you’ll always get a seat.

5. Dassara- A great moderately priced dinner date option.  Yummy food (Ramen!) and a nice amount of people inside that will give it a certain energy but you won’t usually have to wait for a table.

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