Home Renovations: Part 2

Walking into our new place this weekend wasn’t quite as big of a change as right after the demo.  It still looks like a huge mess.  The changes are a little harder to recognize.  What has been done is pretty major though.  The fuse box and intercom has been moved from one wall to another.  Dedicated lines have been put in.  Many of the walls have been plastered and a couple of outlets and light switches were moved. We’ve been in discussions with the contractor about flooring.  Apparently the tiles that would be put in the kitchen, would be significantly taller than the wood floor around it.  We’re trying to figure out how to make it even.  We’re getting prices for redoing the wood in the whole dining kitchen area. 

The price has definitely increased since we first started but I have to hand it to my contractor, the increases have been all on our end.  When we first bought this place and decided about the renovations we had only been over there in short spurts, since we didn’t want to bother the owner too much.  Now that we have keys and can spend some real time in there, we’re finding all sorts of things that can use a little updating.  So, our initial price has gone up but we’re still staying under what I had set aside for this, so that’s good.  Here are the most recent pics.  And as usual, I’ve posted them on Pinterest so you can see all the before and after.  This is meant to last until late July.  Fingers crossed my contractor can deliver.

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