New to the {RC} Team – Hi, I’m Farah!

Hey! It’s so great to introduce myself to you – I’m Farah and I’m working as {RC}’s new Executive Assistant! It’s already been such a welcoming atmosphere, working with all of you to help you find your Brooklyn homes. I’d love to share a few fun facts about me, since you all have done your part in letting me get to know you.

  • I am completely new to real-estate. My background is in financial technology, where I worked in operations, compliance, and marketing. I’ve always liked to do a little of everything!
  • I am a writer at heart. I earned my MFA in Creative Writing a few years ago and I’ve been writing stories since I was 12 years old. You should see how many books I’ve squeezed into my 1BR apartment.
  • I have a cat named Kitty, and her favorite toy is her stuffed snail (seriously, she cuddles with it).
  • I’m a big traveler! I’ve been all over Europe – Italy, Scotland, Spain, London, Amsterdam, Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany – and I’m hoping to get myself across the Atlantic ASAP!

In the two months I’ve been here, I’ve learned that everyone brings their own ~something special~ to BK. And soon, I’ll be one of them! In fact, I will be moving from Long Island to become a full-time Brooklynite as of October! Which means that I’ve gone through the rental process, similar to most of you. It’s fast-paced, it’s hectic, but in the end, it’s worth it to find a great place.

I thought I’d share a few tricks I learned in my own apartment search:

  • Walk through the neighborhoods. Make sure you try to get a real sense of the vibe. Maybe walk into a nearby coffee shop or the corner grocery. Brooklyn is a place where just down the street can make a big difference in how you feel. Especially if you’re planning on walking/using public transit, the location is just as important as the apartment.
  • Figure out your non-negotiables. You might get lucky, but it’s very rare to stumble across your apartment unicorn. Figure out what’s most important to you – easy access to the subway vs washer/dryer; accessible parking vs lots of nightlife. You will have to make these choices.
  • Do your research. Even if you think you found “the one,” visit other apartments to make sure you feel confident in your choice. Even though you’re only committing for one year, who wants to pick up and move only a year after moving in? {Thanks to Victoria for this tip 😉 }
  • Plus a bunch more tips!! Here’s a video Victoria made with all you need to know about apartment hunting in Brooklyn – it helped me a ton.

I’m not an expert (yet!) but just know that I will be working to help all of you as best I can! Whether it’s helping to schedule showings or processing your applications, or even helping with key handoff, I am another resource here to help get you all what you want out of your home-buying (or renting!) experience.

Can’t wait to work with you all! 🙂 

Cheers, Farah

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