Music & Stories at Invisible Dog.

Tonight at 8pm head down to The Invisible Dog at 51 Bergen Street in Cobble Hill for music and stories with Dustan Louque and Mac Premo.  This event is free but donations are always welcome.  In fact, the space is having an annual fundraiser through November 13th so now is the best time to give back.  It’s also a BYOB event.  More below or click here!


Remember that time that thing happened? We all have stories about notable events that didn’t approach us with a prescribed moral, and may not have even left us with an immediately obvious lesson learned. Nonetheless, these moments stand out, keep coming back to us, keep being re-told. Some of our best stories are found, not sought.
That Time That Thing is an evening of short spoken stories by several storytellers about that time that thing happened, accompanied by the music of Louisianan songwriter Dustan Louque.


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