Morbid Anatomy Krampus Party.

This annual party will take place on December 16th, 8pm at The Bell House. Morbid Anatomy members can get tickets fo $15 and all others are $20. The only way to describe this holiday party is that it feels like a Halloween and Christmas combo.  Odd, dark and so much fun! A better description copied for The Bell House website is below.

Join Morbid Anatomy and Ghoul A Go-Go this December 16th The Bell House as we celebrate Krampus, St. Nicholas cloven-hooved, chain-swinging, lolling-toungued, child-punishing Eastern-European sidekick! Weve emptied a bag full of children to make room for all the fun!

This year’s iteration of our annual party will feature our infamous costume contest (with prizes), a sing-along with Night of the Krampus author Matt Lake, the alpine exotica tunes Dj Friese Undine, and a variety of thematic drinks sold by The Bell House. You will also have the opportunity to immortalize your costume in a photobooth designed by Kellfire Bray and Rose Callahan, bash a Krampus piñata made by Macabre Piñatas, and delight in our Krampus cake.

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