Live Jazz at Putnam Triangle Plaza by Arthur and Darlene.

Earlier this month, locals around Putnam Triangle Plaza were treated to a wonderful outdoor performance from Patsy Grant and her jazz band. It was a perfect mild early-summer evening, with many people casually ambling about. The band began with an instrumental set sans-Patty, and then she joined them for a set of jazz tunes, as well as pop favorites like “The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game” and “Moondance”. By mid performance, people were rising from their chairs and shaking a leg on the makeshift dance floor alongside Fulton Street.  Revelers ranged in age from the very young to venerable seniors, but the spark of youth was in the hearts of all. With our Grand Avenue office around the corner, we wanted to represent Realty Collective and do our part to add to the merriment by means of snacks and conversation.

The concert was part of the Jazz966  at the Plaza series of summer events hosted by the Fulton Area Business (FAB) Alliance. FAB is a non-profit coalition of local businesses and citizens dedicated to the improvement of the area of Fulton Street that stretches from Downtown Brooklyn into Clinton Hill.  They hear from voices in the community and work alongside city officials to make improvements in the way of sanitation, beautification and stimulation of the local economy. Part of that work involves bringing the community together for the sake of a good time, through events such as these.

Later in the summer on August 10th, there will be another Jazz966 concert at Putnam Triangle Plaza. This time it will be percussion whiz Napoleon Revels-Bey taking the stage. There is also a series of concerts for kids, as well as a series of musical-themed outdoor film screenings, the first one being the Richie Valens bio-pic La Bamba on July 6th. A full calendar of FAB events can be found on their website.

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