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Links to Keep You Sane! Classes, podcasts, exercise, streaming, and more.

Have some free time on your hands? Now is the time to learn or try something new! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite, LOW-ANXIETY resources and links below for exercise, the arts, streaming recs, adult and kid learning, online socializing, and grownup and kid podcasts. The vast majority of these are free. If you know of others, please share in the comments! Let’s all help each other.

Of course, we’re most partial to Viral Monologues, a streaming answer to the long-running 24-Hour Plays, founded by our own Tina Fallon!  The fun happens TONIGHT!

The purpose-written monologues will debut from 6pm-midnight ET, with a new piece published every 15 minutes on IGTV @24hourplays and https://24hourplays.com/viral-monologues/.”

Participating actors include David Cross, Richard Kind, Rachel Dratch, Andre Royo, Denis O’Hare, Will Swenson, Hugh Dancy, Tavi Gevinson, Marin Ireland, Ashlie Atkinson and Patrick Wilson.

The original monologues were written by David Lindsay-Abaire, Hilary Bettis, Hansol Jung, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Christoper Oscar Peña, Howard Sherman, Jesse Eisenberg, Simon Rich, Sam Chanse, Kathleen Hale, Jenny Rachel Weiner, Lily Padilla, Harrison David Rivers, Ken Greller, Rachel Axler, Lily Houghton, Charlie O’Leary and Monique Moses.

Read on for more recs, and as Brooklyn’s Nighthawk Theater recently put it:  




  • Great British Baking Show is so soothing. You’ve probably seen it. Who cares? It’s worth a rewatch.
  • Cheer and Last Chance U on Netflix | You might have seen Cheer but don’t sleep on the same team’s first outing. 
  • Casketeers on Netflix | Sleeper hit about a Maori-run family funeral home in New Zealand. Yes, it’s a funeral home, no it’s not gory or disrespectful. Lighthearted and heartwarming goodness. 
  • A Good Job | Barely heard of this one on its release but stumbled across it recently on HBO (also available for a rental fee on Prime). Steve Buscemi goes back to his old firehouse to reminisce, plus a larger look at NYFD. Trigger warning for 9/11 discussion but heartfelt and deeply watchable.
  • Love Your Garden | Basically GBBS with dirt. Sweet garden makeovers for the deserving by Brits who take this whole gardening thing seriously.





  • LeVar Burton Reads | Let LeVar mellow you out just like when you were a kid but this time reading his favorite (grownup) short fiction.
  • This Is Love | The people behind the hugely successful Criminal podcast turn their attention on sweeter subject matter.
  • 10% Happier | Meditation skeptic turned gruff believer Dan Harris interviews people about their experiences with meditation.
  • Who? Weekly | “Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t”
  • Sooo Many White Guys | Comedian Phoebe Robinson interviews a who’s-who of non-white-guy comedians and celebs (with one token white guy per season).


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