JestGreen Pop-Up Brunch in Columbia Waterfront.

JestGreen is a local business that sources fresh, seasonal, local ingredients for micro-catering, pop-ups and lunch box deliveries.  They’ll be having a pop-up brunch on January 16th and 17th at The Hop Shop, 121 Columbia Street. There is a little blurb about them below but to read more, see pictures of their delicious food, and buy tickets to the pop-up check out their website.

JestGreen LLC was formed in 2014 with health in mind, to be the go-to nutritional alternative to traditional street food fare. The JestGreen mission is to provide convenience food that is healthy for you and aligned with your values. We source local and organic ingredients from farmers, supporting our communities and creating purposeful relationships with those around us. We want to share: quick healthier food, our concerns about what’s inside of food, living greener lifestyles simply, and the endless possibilities that exist when it comes to salads, which we call Greenery.

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