It?s Budget Time! By Saira Toppin

Finally, New York City’s fiscal year budget has been submitted on time, early in fact, and with cost savings! Shout out to 2017. 

The last time that the budget was on time was in 2001. We are slowly making strides. Here are a few highlights of the new budget:

-If you have youth looking for work next summer, there will be a dedicated $39M with 60,000 slots. Call Ms. James at  Medgar Evers, tell her Ms. Toppin sent you!

-Library hours will not be cut in most branches and the six-day schedule will continue. 

-The beaches will be opened one extra week past Labor Day next year. One more hoorah for the true summer lovers!  That will only cost the city $1.7M. 

-There are tons of savings in this budget, there is $500M in the Capital Stabilization reserve and another $440M in other  savings areas. We have reached over $1B in savings.

Hopefully this will put us in the black at some point.

There is $10M in funding for cultural organizations. Check our blog this December with some updates on the FY’18 application. It is a little time consuming but I earned over one million dollars for my department. The budget hits senior care, elementary after school programming, vision zero, and lots more. 

Kudos to the City Council, Speaker Mark-Viverito and our somewhat loved Mayor De Blasio. Let’s keep this going for 2018 too.

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