Is It Time to Move In Together? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Moving in together is a big deal, but it’s also a pretty exciting life event —and a significant money saver. Today’s statistics show nearly 80% of Americans find cohabitation totally okay, with huge numbers saying it’s a positive step forward — whether that’s toward marriage or as a permanent relationship change with no label necessary.

But even if we’re all in agreement that moving in together is an exciting time, it still comes with its challenges. It brings a combination of dating issues (jealousy, exes, time-together management, etc.), and mixes them with marriage issues (finances, household chores, future planning, and more).

It also makes you stop in your tracks to figure out how the heck you can live with someone who has completely different cleanliness levels or lifestyle habits than you. The number of dates he’s brought you on might not prepare you for the way he tosses his dirty laundry right next to the basket instead of inside…

With this jumbled-up bunch of good and bad, we want to help you figure out if now’s the right time to move in with your partner. Talk through the quiz below to see how prepared you really are for this big life step:




Have you talked about the future with your partner?

  • Who will keep the house if we break up?
  • Who will keep the car?
  • Who will care for our pets?

If these conversations get heated, have you put together a legal plan (a cohabitation agreement to help if the relationship goes south)?


Do you have a plan for what will happen if the unimaginable occurs (if one of you gets extremely sick or passes away)?


Have you openly discussed cleanliness habits and expectations? Both in regards to the home and personal hygiene?


Have you made a plan to cover who does what for chores?


Have you talked about finances? Not just how to split the rent, but who will pay utilities, purchase groceries, set money aside into savings, etc.?


Have you talked about any debts that either of you has?


Have you made a plan for what your future entails? 

  • Is moving in the final step?
  • Is it permanent? 
  • Would you like it to lead to marriage someday?

If this list surprises you, don’t worry! You have plenty of time to cover these topics even if you’ve already signed the dotted line on the lease agreement. Just remember — the more open and honest you each are about important life topics, the easier and more enjoyable your time in close quarters will be.

And at Realty Collective, we wish you all the best! We’re always here to root for you through life’s ups and downs, and we’ll be here for your real estate needs whenever they come up.


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