I’m Ready to Sell My Home, But Where Will I Move?

Selling a home is a lot of work. And it can be even more daunting when you’re not sure where you’ll end up after your next purchase. Will you find a home you love? Is there still a severe lack of inventory making this task almost impossible?

These can be worrisome questions, but luckily, we have the answers. Read on to ease your mind, and hopefully we can help you realize whether or not listing your home is the right move in your life today!

Existing Home Inventory Has Grown

The supply of existing homes has steadily increased each month since January. No dips are predicted. Homeowners are seeing the benefits of selling today, which include high profits and short listing timeframes. And buyers are benefiting from everyone who’s jumping on board. 

Buying an existing home has many benefits. These houses are often filled with charm. They may be older and have woodwork, flooring, or exterior details from decades past. They likely have established landscaping. They’re unique — if you buy a home that’s slightly dated, you’ll likely never find another home exactly like yours. And they’ve had someone living inside, fixing quirks and improving the looks and livability for you to enjoy.

It can also be faster to move into an existing house since there aren’t any construction delays to deal with. This is especially helpful when you’re wondering where to go after selling your home!

New-Build Inventory Has Grown

And if new builds are more your style, you’ll be pleased to hear that this type of inventory has increased as well. New construction is expanding at more than twice the rate of existing homes, so it may be easier to find something that fits all of your wants and needs.

One main benefit of purchasing new construction is customization, from paint colors to flooring to energy efficiency. New homes also come with brand new appliances — no need to worry about them reaching the end of their life mere months after you move in. The windows and roof will be new, keeping you comfortable and your home protected through weather of all kinds. You also probably won’t have a checklist of maintenance or remodeling tasks to complete when you move in, as you may in an existing home.

No matter your home style preference, we’re confident that today’s market will have something you love. So if you’re ready to move on from your current place, reach out to our team today.

If you’re interested in learning more about the selling process, download our free Seller’s Guide. We share a ton of valuable resources to demystify the selling process and help you along this emotional journey.

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