Good News for Kensington Stables.

A couple of years ago we learned that Kensington Stables had declared bankruptcy and the building was on the market. Residents of this area near Prospect Park were upset to hear this news. Not only were these stables a historic part of the community but they added charm to this section of Brooklyn. It’s so lovely to see horseback riders strolling into Prospect Park via the horse trails painted near the bike lanes leading into the park. Brad Lander was apparently blocking all sales whose plans did not include stables.

Well we just heard this good news and are thrilled at the outcome of this ordeal! John Quadrozzi Jr., president of the GBX-Gowanus Bay Terminal in Red Hook, is the new owner and plans to bring back the stables to not only the grandeur they once were but is expanding to include more. “Quadrozzi intends to bring back the historic business, located on the edge of Prospect Park, and turn it into a state-of-the-art horse facility, with boarding, equestrian apparel and tack outfitting, a coffee and tea spot and a multiuse room for equine education, entertainment and events”. We are more than pleased to hear this news and, as so much is changing in Brooklyn, it’s refreshing when historic sites and neighborhood charm are salvaged!

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