How to Give Great Holiday Gifts

This holiday season we have  seen posts about a no-gifts holiday this year, alternatives to Amazon, buying second hand, supporting small businesses, Giving Tuesday, boycotting Black Friday and so much more. It is hard for many of us to walk away from the holiday traditions of gift-giving though, as it is a cherished time with loved ones and you want to bring joy to their life, although we are over the obligation of buying presents. We have been thinking about this a lot and started doing research on how we can be more impactful with our gift-giving this year and throughout.  As we dug through all the articles, wish lists and suggestions we found that most people want human connection as their gift. Some articles suggested adopting a grandparent this year and visiting them around the holidays or fostering a pet over the holiday season so they didn’t have to spend the holiday in the skeleton crew staffed shelter. There are some great suggestions out there on how to impact strangers’ lives but what if you still want to give a gift to someone you love? We read How to Offer Gifts That Transform Relationship’s by Sílvia Bastos and learned how we can harness the power of the tradition and obligation of gift-giving and use it to strengthen our relationships. So we thought a great gift to give to you our readers, is the gift of this knowledge.

Use gifts as symbols of goodness, as positive enhancers, and as closeness generators, and let them be the triggers to help other people love themselves (and you) more.”- Silvia Bastos

We appreciate you and want to recognize the gift you have given us – the opportunity to know you and maybe even work together. We would like to extend one more gift to you besides this valuable article, our time. If you have a situation or scenario, real estate related or not, and you need a second opinion, we are happy to offer you our time and perspective. We are here for you. Please reach out!


Happy Holidays! 🎄

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