Free Furniture and Other Household Items In Red Hook Today

We have furniture, decor, and household items that we’ll be giving away today in Red Hook. For more info email sachia@realtycollective.com or stop by our office at 351 Van Brunt between 11 am-5pm. **Note that some of the items may already be spoken for by the time you read this since it’s first come first serve.

Items up for grabs:

•long wooden table in shed
•any plates, utensils, pots, bowls, glassware, or non-food kitchen items (utensils, large bowls, pots and pans prefer to store, glassware and other items if easier to trash, please do so)
•2 wooden desks
•wooden toy box filled with toys
•wooden bench by front door
•2 filing cabinets
•metal safe/desk in master bedroom
•child’s bed with trundle
•childs drum kit
•orange chair in shed
•any chairs not otherwise listed
•blue slide
•room divider (in shed)
•all couches
•tools in shed
•large armchair in living room
•2 sets of drawers in boys’ room
•ikea shelves in master bedroom
•low wooden bureau in master bedroom
•metal clothes hanger
•laundry basket
•computer monitor upstairs
•master bed platform and drawers
•pantry items
•bathroom supplies
•master mattress

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