Former Massage Parlor Turned Bar in Cobble Hill.

We noticed a new bar at 257 Smith Street the other evening and the sign outside stating that it was not a brothel was what initially intrigued us. Walking in the dim lights, lush decor, old photographs hanging on the walls and french music they were playing drew us in further. It’s called Barely Disfigured and they are in fact brothel-themed due to the fact that the space had inhabited a massage parlor at some point in time. The biggest draw, aside from the outdoor space, is the back room. It’s a boudoir! A lounge-like area with a canopy bed, fringed lamps, reddish amber lighting and velvet chairs. There is some very sexy ambiance happening back here! Plus the cocktails were delicious! Look below to see photos of the room both empty and further into the night as customers began to fill the space.

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