Coney Island Amphitheatre! by Saira Toppin

Summer is always on our brain. At least this past winter was not brutal, we only had one big snow dump. We saw much worse in the 2014/2015 winter season!

So…speaking of summer, let’s make a trip or two to Coney Island. They are opening up an amphitheater on the boardwalk at West 21st Street. This space, which opens July 4th weekend, will allow for comedy shows, music concerts, family shows, and much more.  The semi-outdoor space is being built on the site of the landmarked Childs Restaurant building.

 I will be making my way over to see Erykah Badu on August 4th. I got my tickets! I look forward to a blissful evening. Getting a bite to eat before, enjoying the show, and then taking a soothing walk on the boardwalk before I head back to my side of Brooklyn.

Maxwell!!, Bryan Adams, and lots more.
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