Compére Collective Presents: Visceral Visions by Eleonora Volpe

This month, visual artist Eleonora Volpe is exhibiting her show Visceral Visions! Read about the exhibit below, and be sure to stop by the Opening Reception on November 12 from 3pm-7pm!

Visceral Visions by Eleonora Volpe

Eleonora’s innovative approach to art, using repurposed cardboard as her canvas, is a testament to her commitment to sustainability. Alongside her physical artworks, she will also be showcasing a collection of hand-painted clothing and shoes. This exhibition truly is a blend of the tactile, the wearable, and the digital.

Event Details Recap – get your free tickets here!

  • Date: November 12, 2023
  • Location: Compère Collective – 351 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Timing: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Sips & Bites: Enjoy organic wine, courtesy of Farmm Wine
  • Setting: A cozy lounge ambiance complemented by live music

Eleonora’s blend of eco-conscious artistry, spanning from canvases to clothing, will seek to captivate and inspire the local community.

About Eleonora

Eleonora Volpe is a self-taught sustainable artist active since 2022 based in NYC. Her experience with art started during childhood: she grew up in Italy surrounded by beauty and history and she absorbed every inch of that beauty. Art has always been the fundamental nourishment of life for her and her family.

Eleonora followed her creative nature and started working in NYC as a sustainable stylist and creative director in 2016. When the pandemic hit she found herself with a lot of free time and feelings to express.

During quarantine orders online skyrocketed and so did the amounts of cardboard boxes that were piling up in the trash of her condo. Feeling trapped in the house and going through the hardships of life she realized that trash was the actual solution: those cardboard boxes became the canvases of her art and her new life.

For the first time she started painting with the only goal of letting emotions free and repurposing waste material in a creative way. It started as a hobby and soon became a therapeutic part of everyday life and eventually evolved in a whole collection of paintings.

Eleonora’s creative process for her signature “visceral art” is rooted in feelings, it’s a trip into the deepest dreams, fears and desires.

It all starts with the intention to silence the rational and critic mind and let intuition and the deeper self speak. There is never a preplanned painting: every painting is the pure expression of the here and now.
After channeling the intention, she chooses the colors and then creates movements on the ‘canvas’ in a very fast, spontaneous way deepening into the process in a trans-like meditative and compulsive state.

What comes out of this process is an organic and abstract style that recalls visions and emotions.
Her paintings remind of vibrant natural elements in an abstract way. Macro and micro cosmos, where all the elements are alive, transforming and connected.

Every painting is unique and healing.

Eleonora has been part of:

-Collective art exhibition Art Groove – NYC May 2023
-First come first hung collective art exhibition at B dry Goods Gallery – Brooklyn June/July 2023
-Body Painting NYC – Union square, NYC July 2023
-Solo Exhibition at The Canvas 3.0 – Sept 19th 2023 Oculus at the World Trade Center -Collective exhibition for Milan Fashion and Art week Sept 21st-27th 2023 Expo Fiera Milano IT

-Artmageddon 2023 

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