Compére Collective Presents: RESET by Mek Frinchaboy

We are so excited to be hosting Red Hook artist, Mek Frinchaboy for the entire month of October! Make sure you stop by to see her collection of hyper-realistic pencil art!

Reset – by Mek Frinchaboy

This show envelops you in moments suspended between reality and imagination, etched in the delicate strokes of hyper-realistic pencil art. At its surface, a world of animals at rest. Dive deeper, and each piece whispers questions that linger long after you’ve moved on. The works draw you into a quiet space where answers feel unnecessary. The experience is less about what is seen and more about what is sensed— a subtle invitation to dwell in the questions rather than seek the answers. It’s an aesthetic pause that beckons you to explore realms that remain undefined, both visually and conceptually.

About Mek 

Drawing has always brought light into my life, it is an impulse that keeps me balanced. A channel through which I can connect with the nature of my mind and with the universe that surrounds me. Similar, I would say, to meditation. It makes me rediscover the world once again.

Light is starting to be a key element in my work. For the last two years, I’ve been passionately exploring it because when it touches an object time stops and gives me the information on how that element exists in that moment and its behavior. It opens a door to a story, I feel every subject I draw is a story itself and I love to capture its poetry and enhance it. I find joy in asking questions and investigating all the elements that surround me that can enhance my work. Always with a fealty to my point of view and my experience.

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