Compére Collective Presents: Through a Plastic Lens by Lenore Solmo

For our April exhibit, we are pleased to welcome Lenore Solmo and her show, Through a Plastic Lens. When asked about her relationship to NYC and her art, she says, 

“Living in NYC provides a never-ending stream of overflowing trash bins, yielding possible art materials. In 2020, when the world appeared to stand still, I decided to leave my decades long career in fast fashion. Looking for a creative challenge with more meaning, I started making art using found objects. Attracted to the plastic and metal caps and lids strewn around the Brooklyn streets, I saw them stacked, highlighting the different textures when juxtaposed in a vertical sculpture. I soon moved to plastic bottles, with a technique that utilizes heat, I sculpt, cuts and pierces the bottles to create organic forms found in nature.”

Stop by the gallery anytime in April to view her work, and join us for her Opening Reception on April 4 from 6-8pm!

Through a Plastic Lens: Up-cycled art made from what we leave behind
By Lenore Solmo

Curated into 3 distinct environmental moments, Garden, City and Ocean, Art is made from up- cycled found objects, plastic bottles, caps and lids, vegetable bags.
Garden: Vibrant florals sprouting from the walls, mushrooms and floating leaves.
City: An imagined cityscape of caps and lids that create towers from the floor and hanging from the ceiling. Eyes, cut from fashion magazines imbedded inside caps represent a city that never sleeps. Up-cycled vegetable bags, become veils, bringing with them their rich and complicated history for women, mourning, class divide, religion and modesty.
Ocean: Is full, of sea creatures, a water cooler bottle becomes a large octopus, vintage beads create jelly fish. Here a vegetable bag becomes a fishing net catching imagined “sea glass.”

The exhibit invites viewers to question waste, packaging, and what is left behind. 

Lenore Solmo is a self-taught mixed media artist in Brooklyn New York, committed to making art using found objects.
Exhibits include-
Recycle Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
You Feel Me? Jamaica Arts Center, Jamaica NY
People and the Planet at the Touchstone Gallery in Washington DC.
Used at the Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro MA
Terrain: Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes Emerge Gallery in NY State
Found City Micro Gallery, Ann Arbor MI
Solmo has represented the USA in the Art Connects Women exhibit in Dubai with Zee Gallery, sponsored by UNESCO
She will be an artist in residence at the upcoming Artists in Action at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden in Solomons MD. In Spring 2024.

Lenore will also be hosting two workshops over the month of April!

Vision Board Collage Workshop

Saturday, April 13, 1-3PM

An up-cycled Collage vision boards class, using images from magazines and meaningful words that resonate and motivate. Relax and enjoy this calming class!

Super simple, mistake proof, beginners welcome. Space is limited - register for free!

Up-Cycled Mini Art Workshop

Saturday, April 20  1-3PM

Create an up-cycled mini piece of art using collage. Relax and enjoy this calming class. Super simple, mistake proof, beginners welcome. Space is limited – register for free!

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