Compére Collective Presents: Hutterites by David Vasilev

We are so excited to present our second of two June exhibits at Compére Collective, “Hutterites,” an exhibition of photographs by David Vasilev.

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 22 • 6-8pm • 351 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn


Hutterites by David Vasilev

In 2004, Vasilev was in South Dakota photographing the Lakota people when a Medicine Man sent him north to seek a reclusive, German-speaking religious sect called the Hutterites.

“The Bulgarian-born photographer found himself in a pocket of space where the spinning of time seems to have come to a halt. He spent a month photographing members of the Hutterite colony, focusing on the daily nuances of the youth. The resulting photographs beautifully capture them in moments of work and play, inviting us into a rarely-seen world encapsulating elements of humor, warmth, and youthful naiveté.” — i-D Magazine

Like Walker Evans, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks and Sally Mann, Vasilev’s black and white photographs merge portraiture and photojournalism, taking seriously the lives of children. Vasilev’s Hutterites stare back at the viewer

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David Vasilev was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria in 1981, where he spent his early years. Ever since he was a little kid he was always surrounded by photojournalists, his dad being one of them. This had a great impact on his visual perception, thus photography becomes a necessary tool for self-expression. After he moved to the United States he began his extensive traveling in North America, where he visited some less known parts of the country, communities with the most archaic traces of human nature still intact.

Hoffman & Swinburne
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