Celebrating Our 15th By Giving Back: Sean Casey Animal Rescue

As a part of our 15th Anniversary celebration and thank you to Brooklyn, we’ve selected 15 non-profit organizations to highlight that are doing work in our borough—or directly helping our fellow Brooklynites. We encourage everyone to learn a bit about the people making our community stronger and, if possible, to join us in making a small monetary donation to further their work. We thank them for everything they do and thank you for supporting a small, woman-owned Brooklyn business for the past 15 years! 

All of us at Realty Collective are animal lovers and we have a pretty big menagerie of rescue pets among us, but one of the reasons we wanted to feature Sean Casey Animal Rescue is that it brought Wally the Dachshund into RC Founder Victoria Alexander’s home and heart.  (You may have noticed from our website graphics that we’re big on pups, and Wally’s silhouette is prominently featured.) 

But even those of us who haven’t adopted (yet!) from the rescue know it from how often it pops up in Facebook neighborhood groups, chats with friends, and Instagram tags. When you need help, you go to Sean Casey. When you want a new pal, yep, Sean Casey. For such a small organization (really a storefront in Kensington), Sean Casey makes a huge impact on the lives of the animals in its care and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

So we thank them for Wally—and for the countless other dogs, cats, and assorted critters they help each year. Considering adopting? Check out their available dogs and cats

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