Becoming a homeowner in Brooklyn Part 8

Homestretch to Closing part 2

We’ve been approved!  I know it was more of a formality going through this co-op board interview process but it’s still a relief getting that approval phone call, which actually took a week to get after the interview.  We were finally able to set a closing date.  Friday we’ll be homeowners! We are ending up paying $500 in interest rate extension fees.  Definitely don’t rush in locking a rate if you think it’ll just stay the same and that the 60 days will expire before you close.  In our situation I think the rate has gone up so we made the right choice to lock it early.

At this point I feel like one feat has been accomplished and now we’re on to the other.  Renovations.  May even been a more difficult process. Right now we have chosen a contractor, someone who’s already worked in the building and gave us a good rate.  We put down a deposit, have talked extensively about what we want and what he thinks would work, and our next step is to go shopping and pick out stuff with him this week.  Very exciting! I’ll keep you updated on that process and share anything I’ve learned through out.

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