Becoming a homeowner in Brooklyn Part 4.

The One that Got Away.


After making our first offer on an apartment and losing we felt like we had gotten our feet wet and learned some things.  First we needed to rethink our budget so that our mortgage and the other expenses wouldn’t take our entire paychecks every month. Our original budget of $650,000 dropped to about $550,000.  The second thing we learned was a little about our competition.  Fierce.  The inventory had been so low and the buyers were a little ravenous.  We started exploring further into Brooklyn, which was something I thought I hadn’t wanted originally.  I found a place on the Windsor Terrace/Kensington border.  About 1000 square feet listed for just under $480,000.  I never imagined we’d find a place this big in our price range (under our price range!).  We fell in love with it.  It was beautiful!  Huge kitchen, separate dining area, foyer, big living room, two big bedrooms, walk-in closet, big bathroom with separate shower and tub.  It was newly renovated in an elevator building and in a good school zone as well.  The open house was a mad house.  Tina was helping us out because Victoria was out of town at the time and she told us to go big.  We offered almost $30,000 over asking as our first offer.  We really wanted this place.  Unfortunately someone else must have wanted it more because we were outbid before we even got the chance to up our offer.  Oh, we tried but it was too late.  I was depressed for weeks after loosing this one.

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