Anthony’s Nose and More Easy Day Hikes from Brooklyn

Traveling upwards to go on a hike for the day is super easy on Saturdays and Sundays from the Metronorth. We visited Anthony’s Nose over the weekend and wanted to share our experience as well as this guide we found for more train accessible hikes.

You may have been on the Hudson line of the Metronorth and noticed a train station where hikers just get off at a very small station that looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. That’s Manitou and you can access a few different hiking trails from this stop. A few thing to know about Manitou. It only stops frequently during the weekends and on the weekdays has a rush hour morning and evening stop/pick up so plan on doing your trial exploring on Saturday or Sunday. Also there is only one car that opens up to let you out so make sure you ask the conductor if you are on the right one to exit. Lastly, the signage is non-existent when you exit the train. You aren’t going to see arrows pointing towards Anthony’s Nose or Popolopen Torne. You just have to follow your map. Googlemaps was working for us just fine and there were plenty of people to ask (though not too many to where it felt crowded!)

Pack plenty of water, a picnic lunch, hop on a train and go exploring! It’s so easy! Check out our picks below of the gorgeous views from Anthony’s Nose as well as one of the MTA map from Manitou station.

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