Ace Your Co-Op Board Interview by Jane Herro

If you’ve made it to the co-op board interview, you can be confident that your application is in good shape. At this stage, the board has already looked at your finances and thinks you would be a good match for tenancy – on paper. Now, all you have to do is prove you’d be a great neighbor.

  • Manage Your Online Reputation: We live in the 21st century, people, and you’d better believe the first thing every member of the board is doing is Googling your name. Delete those incriminating photos and blogs asap.
  • Punctuality is Important: Show up on time, dress professionally and be prepared. You should have all your paperwork with you and know it through and through. Coordinate with your broker to make sure you have everything you need.
  • Know How to Answer the Tough Questions: Be prepared to discuss instability in your life. If you’ve changed jobs a lot recently, or your salary has fluctuated, or you’ve moved five times in the last seven years, you’ll have some explaining to do. This is the board’s opportunity to bring up any questions they have about your application.
  • Your Pet Will Be Vetted: If you have a pet, prepare for the possibility that it might be invited along. Pet interviews are not uncommon in this day and age. Make sure to practice with your pup so s/he doesn’t bark every time the doorbell rings.
  • Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Above all else, make sure you are polite and professional and not too talkative! This is not a job interview; you don’t need them to fall in love with you and you don’t particularly want to keep the conversation going. Short and sweet is the name of the game.

Brick Underground shares some common questions and how to answer them here. You definitely don’t want to sound rehearsed, but being prepared is key. Feel free to reach out with any questions about navigating the market and purchasing process as a buyer in NYC – we’re here for you!

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