When It Gets Hard to Tell Good News From Bad: “Pandemic Could Be Millennials’ Best Chance to Buy a House”

We’re living a world of big Ifs right now. If you still have a job. If you plan to stay in New York City. If things will ever get back to normal. So we recognize that even in a robust economy (you know, theoretically), it is a tough road to home ownership for many people—but especially millennials.

But this uncomfortable truth remains: If you’re in a position to consider buying right now, it could be the chance of a lifetime. This is Susan Miller all-your-planets-are-aligned stuff, with record-low interest rates, less competition, and some more perks outlined in this article from Vice.  

If you’re in a position to buy and you just want to test the waters, find out your options, or even just get a walk-through of what the process looks like, please get in touch

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