When Do You Need A Survey?

when do you need land survey

Ever wondered what a land survey is all about? Essentially, it’s an indispensable map of your property. A land survey does a bunch of important things: it pinpoints the corners of your land, outlines the natural and man-made boundaries, and even shows the exact locations of your home and any other structures. It’s a bit like giving your property an X-ray. So, when you’re buying or selling, having a land survey is indispensable.

Why a land survey benefits both buyers and sellers

For buyers, the survey tells you exactly what’s up for grabs. It checks if everything matches what’s on paper, makes sure there’s no surprise visitors coming through rights-of-way or utility spots, and even gives a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on where things like driveways and pools are supposed to be. Sellers love it too because they can show off their land like a pro.

Thinking about splitting up your land into smaller parts? You need a land survey. It’s like drawing lines on a map to make sure everything’s fair and square. And when it’s time to get a mortgage or refinance, the bank’s going to want to know all those specifics.

Another reason land surveys come in clutch? If you’re worried about paying taxes for extra land you don’t own, a land survey ensures you’re only paying for what’s really yours.

Land surveys allow you to hope for the best while planning for the worst

Building a structure like a shed or studio in the backyard? It’s too important a task to wing it. A land survey ensures you’re able to build where you want and aren’t creeping onto your neighbor’s turf. Plus, if there’s ever a squabble about where your land ends and theirs begins, your survey settles those matters easily. 

The realities of climate change and New York City’s topography mean that you may need flood insurance if your land is in a low-lying area. A land survey tells you if you’re in a flood-prone zone, which can be a game-changer when it comes to preparing for the worst.

So, remember, a land survey is essential for all things property-related. It’s not just a piece of paper or a pointless procedure; it’s a critical document that helps you look out for your short and long-term interests.


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