What’s a Lot Line Window and Why Should You Care?

One of the quirks of New York real estate is that developers have tried to make as many homes as possible on this small parcel of land we share. One of the consequences of this is that homes are often built right up to the lot line. In some cases, this can cause headaches for owners because the windows that run along the lot line can officially be deemed “lot line windows” and will have to be bricked or boarded over if the adjoining property builds to the height of that window. 

Not only do you have to lose that precious light and view afforded by the window, you also have to take care of it at your own expense. Furthermore, if the window being covered is the only one in a bedroom, the room could no longer be legally designated a bedroom without it. 

There are lot line windows all over Brooklyn. And while many are clustered in the new high rises downtown, in Long Island City, Bushwick, or Greenpoint, they can be anywhere. 

The key is to watch out for them. In a new building, lot line windows are usually disclosed in the offering plans. But it can be harder to tell in older buildings with, yes, older plans. Propertyshark.com can tell if a building is built to a lot line.  


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