Uplands and Greenway at Pier 3 and 4 are open.

If this freezing cold weather lets up for a day or two we’re definitely going to head down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see what’s new.  We got a notice a few weeks ago that Pier 3 and Pier 4 Uplands and Greenway were officially open.  This is the second to last phase of the completion of the park.  In the spring Pier 2 and Pier 4 beach will open and the park will be complete!  Read more about the latest addition below.

Piers 3 and 4 Uplands and Greenway open, adding over 6 acres to the park and completing the continuous greenway from Pier 1 to Pier 6 for the first time. This phase includes a 800ft. long and 30 ft. high sound attenuating hill designed to minimize noise projected from the BQE, as well as a granite terrace and three new lawns.

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