Trump Sites on the Boycott List.

Feeling anxious during the congressional hearing process?  You can definitely use that energy to call your senators.  You can also use your money (or rather not use it) to make a difference.  There is a national #grabyourwallet movement boycotting businesses that Trump or his family are involved with.  And there are a lot of them!  See the full list here. But there is also a lot of local boycotting on Trump properties around the city. Wollman Rink and Victoria Gardens in Central Park, for example, are a part of the Trump Organization and many have decided not to visit those sites any longer.  We have all been feeling a little helpless and every little thing (like choosing not to spend our money anywhere near Trump) we do can add up if we all make an effort.  Let’s hit him where it hurts.  His wallet! Here is a list of New York specific places you can avoid if you want to join this movement.

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