The “Lift / Next Level Floats” sensory deprivation experience.

A friend of ours recently tried out Lift / Next Level Floats, a new Sensory Deprivation Therapy Center at 320 Court Street, and was kind enough to share his experience with us (below).  You can see pictures and read more on their facebook page.

The Float Experience
New York City is on the short list of the loudest, brightest, most-frenzied places on the planet. Even at night, at it’s darkest, quiestest and most relaxed, it shines and howls. In terms of an experience, Lift/Float is as far from New York City as anyone has ever been. It’s more in line with the void between Mars and Jupiter. At Lift, you are float, effortlessly, in absolute darkness, and the only sounds are the slight swishing of the water as your arms languidly drift up or down and your own breath unhurriedly entering and exiting your lungs. If the steady honking, flashing and weight of the city is anxiety manifested, than lying bereft of gravity, noise and light is pure relaxation.  
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