The Dog Whisperer of South Brooklyn by Shyda Hoque

Other People’s Pets owner Carol West discusses finding solace in the loud city through dog walking and pet sitting.

On any day of the week you might see Carol West walking a dog on her weekly route on Van Brunt Street. Carol is a long time resident of Red Hook, Brooklyn and owner of Other People’s Pets and services: Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and the Gowanus. I sat down with her at her home in Red Hook over a strong cup of single pour coffee that she makes to order to discuss her business that was established in 2002.  And I learned what “puppy acclimation” is. Other People’s Pets services ranges from Dog Walking to Pet Sitting

How did Other People’s Pets begin?

In 2001, after living overseas, I was with a friend at a café and was asked to walk his dog.  Within a few days I started meeting people from the neighborhood and met their dogs.  My first four dogs were all from Coffey Street!  I have clients on their 2nd and 3rd generation dog.  My business was entirely built on word of mouth. 

What is “puppy acclimation?”

I teach puppies how to house train, walk on a leash, walk on a leash with other dogs, and socialize with dogs of all ages.  [Puppies] learn how to deal with fear of traffic including scooters and how to live in the city. 

What makes your business different from other dog walking/pet sitting businesses in the area?

 I personally train the puppy till 10 months to 1 year and then transition them to trained OPP dog walkers.

What have you learned over the past 14 years in the dog walking/pet sitting business?

 Dog walking is a solitary job.   I love watching the progression of training from infancy to a well-trained, socialized animal. 

Carol is also an active member of Cora Dance where her son performs with the youth program.  I’ve personally watched her transition puppies into dogs and I believe she is the dog whisperer of South Brooklyn.  You could find out more information on how to use Other People’s Pets on their facebook page.

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