The 24 Hour Play’s Tina Fallon.

Some of you may already know that Realty Collective’s smart and talented Tina Fallon is also the founding producer at The 24 Hour Company (we have been known to brag).  We’d like to share this article in The New Yorker about The 24 Hour Musicals, which was recently performed at the Gramercy Theater.  Tina founded The 24 Hour Plays back in 2000 and the musical version has been around for seven years now. It’s exactly how it sounds. Plays written, cast, rehearsed, directed and performed within 24 hours of sleepless insanity. It takes a lot of quick thinking, creativity, assertiveness, and determination to be able pull off these productions and during many years of working with Tina we see all of these wonderful qualities in her work as a real estate agent. Watch the“behind the scenes” video to get a taste of the craziness that goes into putting these together.  It’s amazingly ambitious, just like Tina herself!  For more info on The 24 Hour Plays and Musicals check out the website here.  Keep checking for updates on their 24 Hour Plays 2015 production.

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