Thinking of Buying? Here’s Why You Should Talk To Your Mortgage Broker First

Everybody worries about their taxes. And every buyer worries about how they’re going to look to 

mortgage brokers but don’t overlook the fact that they’re often the people in the best position to help you look good to their higher ups. Thinking about buying? Consider talking to a mortgage broker before you file your taxes. Why?

  • You need to know how much you can get preapproved for and get a batter idea of what you can afford
  • Your mortgage broker will be helping you find the right product for you. Some of these may have specific qualifications and it’s a good idea to understand the tax implications before you file

In our recent Buying Into Brooklyn presentation, CrossCountry Mortgage broker, Lisa Yountchi, delves deeper into the why. Watch a short clip here. Lisa begins covering this issue at 8:27. 


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