Sunny’s Memorial Concert and Fundraiser by Maryam Daghmoumi

For any of us who have had the chance to frequent the legendary Sunny’s while he still graced us all with his all-encompassing smile and generous energy, we feel more than lucky, we feel blessed.  Memories of late night chatter accompanied by bluegrass harmonies wafting through the thick, warm summer air are some of those unforgettable moments we shared with strangers and friends alike. There is simply no other place like it on earth.  
These moments felt significant, deliberately, probably because they seemed too good to be true.  Could this little treasure, which seems to have washed up on the shores of this enclave of Red Hook stay this way forever and ever? 
Yes, it will, say Sunny’s loved ones and close friends, who have pledged recently to insure that Sunny’s legacy will live on and on.  
On the evening of April 14th 2016, from 6:30pm to 11:30pm, at Pioneer Works, you can be part of a once-in-a-lifetime event to memorialize the life and work of Sunny Balzano and  raise the funds that they need to make sure that Sunny’s Bar is run just as is should be. 
So come dance, drink and eat the night away in Sunny’s honor. It will be a night to remember. 
Get your tickets here.

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