Summary of De Blasio’s “Housing New York” plan.

Photo: Andrew J. Hawkins

This comprehensive “Housing New York” plan was released by Mayor de Blasio’s office last week.  The ten year project spans all five boroughs.  You can see the summary below and if you want more info you can see the full report here.

• The plan calls for both preservation and construction of affordable housing. 60% of the plan will be devoted to preservation, while 40% will be devoted to new construction.

Housing New York aims to focus on five different levels of household income: Extremely Low Income (0-30% of AMI), Very Low Income (31-50% of AMI), Low Income (51-80% of AMI), Moderate Income (81-120% of AMI), and Middle Income (121-165% of AMI).

• Percentage of households that will be served, as outlined by plan: Extremely Low Income (8%), Very Low Income (12%), Low Income (58%), Moderate Income (11%), Middle Income (11%).

• The plan aims to preserve and create 200,000 units over the next 10 years.

• New re-zonings will implement a mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program, in which a portion of all new housing developed must include permanently affordable units. The plan suggests several specific neighborhoods for future rezoning, including East Harlem, Hunters Point, and East New York.

• New mixed-income programs will replace the current 80/20 program, and pilot programs will include: Middle Income (50%), Moderate Income (30%), Low Income (20%).

• The plan projects that the construction and preservation of affordable housing units will create 194,000 construction jobs along with over 7,100 permanent jobs.

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