Southern Food coming to Columbia Waterfront and a Bar opening at 136 Atlantic.

Here are a couple indications, above and below, that things are moving with 115 Columbia and 136 Atlantic.  Liquor licenses are being approved!  Both places were previously bars.  Last Exit on Atlantic has been closed for a while and locals were very sad to see it go.  Very interested to see what’s to come.  115 Columbia used to house Whiskey Soda Lounge, which was the same owners as Pok Pok.  It was a bar with a light menu.  Down the street they opened Pok Pok Phat Thai, with a similar concept of having a smaller menu than their main restaurant right next door and closed the lounge.  As you can see from the info below, that space is now being leased out by celebrity chef Carla Hall and will become a Southern restaurant.  That is exciting news! We’ll keep you posted on both sites.  

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